December 27, 2011

Mati dan Iman

"Tuhan dosaku menggunung tinggi
Tapi taubatku tidak ku tepati...."

aku pernah terdengar Anah pasang lagu ni. pada masa tu jugak tiba-tiba hati terdetik sesuatu. rasa sayu. rasa kerdil dan hina sangat.Ya Allah, matikanlah aku dalam iman.. Amin.

December 25, 2011

Just sharing

mase ni aku tgh tgk tv. tiba-tiba aku dgr bunyi suara mak riuh.

aku: bakpe mok?

mak: ce tgk ni...*sambil tayang tudung dia yang berlubang kne iron*

aku: doh mok gosok lame ngakk..hok panah sekali pulok tuh.

mak: haishh...sayang nggoh la..baru beli, pah berlubang doh...*pergi ambil tudung lain*

ayah: *memerhati mak aku*

aku: *memerhati mak ayah aku*

mak: *tengah iron tudung. tak perasan aku dengan ayah tgh perhati dia*

ayah:  doh-doh la tu gosok..kekgi berlubang pulok.

mak: mne boleh..bla..bla...blaa..

ayah: bla...bla...bla..

aku: *senyum sorang2 tgk dorang*

and it went with mom and dad kept on bickering each other (in a good way)..i find this cute. least for me..;)

p/s: tangan aku tmbah lagi 1 parut kes kne iron mse kat umah sewa hri tuh. mujur x berlubang...-__-"

December 24, 2011


They only know how to BARK but apparently they do not brave enough to BITE.

December 16, 2011

A two cents from a stranger

"All you need to do right now is love yourself. Just because that guy doesn't appreciate what you appreciate about yourself doesn't mean other people don't. There are other guys in thie world that are just as worthy as he is. You will heal if you let yourself. The feeling will fade away, so just try to distract yourself. Exercise helps relieve stress, and maybe take time to do a favorite hobby. Good luck in the future <3"

Thanks, stranger..^^

December 7, 2011

this is the end.

We were already chose our own way..
i don't mind at all..
but just i wanna tell you something..
please please please change your egoistic ignorant attitude..
and yeah..could you please just admit your mistake for once, will you?
no..i don't think you will. never.

Thanks for everything you did....~

November 26, 2011

new addition to my jam

 듣고있니? 너와나 이렇게 너무 보고싶은데 왜
deutgo inni? neowana ireoke neomu bogoshipeunde wae

... 자꾸만 멀어지는지 난 또 멍때리고있어
jakkuman meoleoji neunji nan tteo meongttae rigeo isseo

얼굴뚫어지겠다 정말 구멍나겠다 니 사진보다
eolgulttuleo jigetda jeongmal gumeongnagetda ni sajinboda

얼굴뚫어지겠다 정말 구멍나겠다 널 바라보다
eolgulttuleo jigetda jeongmal gumeongnagetda neol baraboda

October 30, 2011


You said you don't care at all but can you just please stop bitching about her being a bitch???
You sound like a butthurt bitch. Seriously. 
You and them are just egoistic bitches who can't admit all your mistakes.
Tbh, I can't stand watching them acting like that, pretending they're invisible to each other.
And i'm here being a bad coward cow bitch, not brave enough to told them.*sigh*

September 29, 2011

i'm screwed!

i have many many many many many 
assignments, tests


September 26, 2011

eh eh eh eh eh

Egoist. That's you! No, we are. I mean, you and me.

September 15, 2011


lol-ing hard at his typo 'alaways'..puahahha..XD

He's the first Korean artist who replied my tweet..T__T..*terharu*..Hanhae! Active underground rapper in South Korea and currently works under Brand NewStardom and will make his debut this October with 'Phantom'. He supposed to debut with Block B but he couldn't make it to the final line. But he's still close with Zico and Jaehyo. I mad respect this guy since he fucking can sing and rap and he can compose songs too! Dopehae is dope i tell ya!


Did I mention he's also known as the King of Derps? lmao~
yeah, dia tak hensem. so what?

credits pic : 32bar.tumblr
credits youtube videos: uploaders

September 9, 2011

9th Sept.

生日快乐 - Shēngrì kuàilè
생일 축하 해요 - Saeng-ilchughahaeyo
お誕生日おめでとう - O tanjō-bi omedetō

Yes, gorgeous! Today is my birthday!^^

 and i found this!

Analisis Individu Yang Lahir Pada Bulan September Dari Dr. Fadhilah Kamsah

1. Sangat bersopan santun & bertolak ansur
    Erkk..sopan santun? sumpah tak..bertolak ansur kadang-kadang~
2. Sangat cermat, teliti & teratur
    Cermat? tak...aku super clumsy. teliti? agak ar. ada certain time aku teratur ~
3. Suka menegur kesilapan org lain & mengkritik
    Heh? sebab tu aku penah pengawas kot? hampeh! menyesal~~
4. Pendiam tapi pandai bercakap
    Yes, i do agree i'm a quite person but seriously, i'm not good at talking.
5. Sikap sangat cool, sangat baik & mudah simpati
    Cool? agak ah...sangat baik? hmm..aku rasa orang je buat baik kat aku, aku tak
    penah buat baik dekat orang..><..mudah simpati..ari tu aku naik bas duk sebelah     
    pakcik buta, aku rasa nak nangis..T_T
6. Sangat perihatin & terperinci
    Sama macam kat atas2 tuh~
7. Amanah, setia & jujur
    I hope so! ^^
8. Kerja yg dilakukan sangat sempurna
    I'm quite perfectionist when it comes about assignments and important stuffs~ 
9. Sangat sensitif yg tidak diketahui
    Agak ah..kadang-kadang benda kecik pon aku terasa..i f*king hate this actually..-_-
10. Org yg banyak berfikir 
      I love sudoku! and maybe that's the reason why i have serious hair 
      fall problem..sobs~
11. Daya pentaakulan yg baik
      Eh eh eh eh pentaakulan tu ape? OTL 
12. Otak bijak & mudah belajar
      Amin....sape xnk an??~~
13. Suka mencari maklumat
      Stalking!!! lmao~
14. Kawal diri dari terlalu mengkritik
      Sometimes, i keep them to myself..well, you know why~
15. Pandai mendorong diri sendiri
      Yeah, i love listening to SNSD - Way To Go and U-Kiss - Someday to keep me up
      when i'm down. It works! ^^
16. Mudah memahami org lain(daya firasat yg tinggi) krn banyak simpan rahsia
      Hmm...idk...but i do believe my instinct!
17. Suka sukan, hiburan & melancong
      Jega chongmal chuwahae!!! suka suka suka *menari-nari kegembiraan*
18. Kurang menunjukan perasaannya
      Its the fact! that's why most of my friends called me 'muka blur' -__-
19. Terluka hatinya sangat lama disimpan
      Hahaha..agak ahh..bila dah tak tahan meletup mcm volcano! lmao~
20. Terlalu memilih pasangan
      Eh eh eh eh eh in my face!...*hides*
21. Sukakan benda yg luas
      Yup! Suka tengok langit! tgk nme blog ar, laut pon suka jugak!
22. Bersistematik
      Tengok keadaan

Yes, its just an analysis after all. It can be true or wrong, depends on how we think about it...Wuu...wuu...I'm officially 20. no more '1', its '2'..sobs..gonna miss my 'teens' years..well, i'm still childish and sometimes i wish i can simply buy the 'maturity' at any available retail shops..and right now, i don't know why suddenly i'm thinking about aging, marriage and stuffs...puahahaha.~

 This is funny..~~
  Q: What is the best present for you?
A: A boyfriend 
forever laughing at Bom's answer!

gifs is not mine. 

September 1, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya ke-3

Salam. Raya tahun ini agak best. tapi lagi best kalau semua adik-beradik aku beraya dekat sini..T__T..Kak Na kena balik Perak ikot suami dia...tsk..tsk..tsk..sedih wei, rasa lain sebab biasanya dia yang paling semangat bab-bab raya ni..*sobs...btw, aku agak happy jugak la sebab hasil kutipan duit raya tahun ni agak memuaskan. Untung gila jadi anak bongsu, kau dah besar pon orang anggap kau kecik lagi..puahahaha..XD jangan jeles baby! paling tak boleh blah soklan femes orang tanya: bukak sem baru bila? ceyh..rosak mood raya saya...grrr~

Bergambar bersama anak-anak sedara. Gambar suami takde, dia ada kat Korea sekarang ni.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Maaf Zahir & Batin

August 26, 2011


Son: Mom, i got an A in Chem!!

Mom: WTF, well done!

Son: Mom, what do you think WTF means?

Mom: Well That's Fantastic!

August 23, 2011


1. Birth name = Zuzahidah Ariffin
2. Nickname = Zue, Zuzu, Zusha, Chah, Nisah (weird, huh?^^)
3. Zodiac sign = Virgo
4. Male or female = Female
5. Primary School = Sek. Keb. Rusila
6. High School = Lower - KIST , Upper - MJSC Kuantan
7. Eye color = Brown
8. Hair color = Black
9. Tall or short = Shorty...i wanna grow taller..!*sobs~ 
11. Sweats or Jeans = Sweats, more comfortable..~
12. Phone or Camera = Camera..DSLR..i want..><
13. Health freak = Sometimes
14. Orange or Apple = Apple
15. Do you have a crush on someone = No one  for now..~
16. Eat or Drink = Both
17. Piercings = Yes
18. Pepsi or Coke = Coke..ahh..i hate carbonated drinks actually..~

19. Been in an airplane = No
20. Been in a relationship = I'm NBSB baby..! OTL
21. Been in a car accident = Nope and i don't want it to happen..Amin.
22. Been in a fist fight = No
23. First piercing = Lobes
24. First best friend = Sarah, Tasha & Nor, during primary school ..gahh..i miss them..tsk..tsk..
25. First award = #1 in my class during kindergarten..lmao~
26. First crush = Shhh...~
27. First word = IDK
29. Last person you talked to in person = Mom
30. Last person you texted = Nisah
31. Last person you watched a movie with = Yat
32. Last food you ate = Rice
33. Last movie you watched = Something Borrowed 
34. Last song you listened to = 2NE1- Lonely
35. Last thing you bought = Topup
36. Last person you hugged = My niece

37. Food = Tom Yam
38. Drink = Laici Susu ( milky lychee..puahahhahaha)
39. Bottom = Does short pant counts?
40. Flower = Waterfall flowers (can be found in Japan...cute!)
41. Animal = Sugar Glider
42. Colors = Grey and Brown and (but i feel confident in purple..idk)
44. Subjects = Human Communication, Biology, Physics
45. Fallen in love with someone = Yes, err..i guess.
46. Celebrate Halloween = Nope

48. Went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone = Yes
49. Wanted to smack someone upside the head = I really want to do that
51. Eaten a whole pizza = Yes, (individual size one)..i'm a big eater neway..~
52. Tried to do something, but couldn't succeed = Yes. I tried to make GIF image but my efforts failed..fuuu~~~
53. Did something you regret = A BIG YES!
54. Broke a promise = Yes..who doesn't?
55. Hidden a secret = Yes
56. Pretended to be happy = Yes
57. Met someone who changed your life = Yes
58. Pretended to be sick = Hahahha...Yes!
59. Left the country? = Nope
60. Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it = 
61. Cried over the silliest thing = Yes.
62. Ran a mile = Yes and i hated it!
63. Went to the beach with your best friend = Yes! I miss that! T__T
64. Got into an argument with your friends = Yes..*sigh~
65. Hated someone = Yes. backstabber..go to hell!
66. Stayed single a whole year = like i said before, i'm NBSB ok?

67. Eating = I'm fasting..~~
68. Drinking = same as above..
69. Listening = 2NE1- Hate You
70. Thinking about = losing weight..?err,,i can't help it..-__-
71. Plans for today = Break fast, tarawih, and watching youtube
73. Want kids = Of course!^^
74. Want to get married? = Yes
75. Careers in mind = A VIP staff for event management company that manage Korean artist to come here..LOL~

76. Lips or eyes = Eyes
77. Shorter or taller = Taller than me meh..~
78. Romantic or spontaneous = Spontaneous...romantic?owh..rimas!
80. Nice stomach or nice arms = Choc abs, can ar? abs pomboley.. kekeke~
81. Hook-up or relationship = Just get married la senang!
82. Looks or personality? = Mix of both...~

83. Lost glasses/contacts = Yes. i lost my contacts..-__-
84. Sneak out of a house = Maybe...?
89. Cried when someone died = Yes

90. Yourself = I'm trying!
91. Miracles = Sometimes!
92. Love at first sight? = No
93. Heaven = Yes
94. Santa Claus = No

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now = Yes, but he doesn't know about my existence..pathetic, huh?
98. Do you know who your real friends are? = Yes and i'm lucky to have them!
99. Do you believe in God? = Yes. Allah, the one and only.
100. Would you change something in your life? = I wish I can. Wish me luck!

August 22, 2011


*click pic to enlarge* source: here

Sape-sape yang suka kpop thingy mesti familiar dengan term fandom. actually aku jumpa pic kt aku tuh mse tgh duk syok reblogging kat tumblr. aku tergelak bhai bace sebab ade betul jugak tuh apa yg tukang buat tuh describe pasal fandom2 kat atas tuh. nak kata aku tak butthurt, tipu ah..terasa jugak doe sikit-sikit..takpe, takyah ckp pasal fandom lain la. kang tak pasal fanwar kat blog aku. meh aku cakap ciket pasal fandom aku.

1. BBC
Ni fanclub utk Block B, rookie group yang aku tgh stan gila2 sekarang. aku rasa la dorang ni kira the best new group for 2011 atm. Seriously, genre dorang ni more to hip hop but still boleh pegi kpd kpop. mereka ni buat lagu sendiri, ok?terar tak terar..nak dgr lagu dorang..tgk video kat bwh..*seriously, this video needs some love...*


BBC ni stands for Block B Club, ok? bukan channel kat British sane..huhuhu..Dalam gambr tuh dia cakap BBC ni tahu nangis,komplen, nangis, komplen. nak tahu pasal apa? pasalnya orang duk kata Block B ni tiru Big Bang. ok, aku rasa comparison between Big Bang and Block B ni tak valid langsung. serious. apa yang original pasal kpop? *sorry, sape yg terasa mintak maaf, ni opinion aku ok? but i still love kpop tho...* haish..some fans should stfu. Block B is Block B and Big Bang is Big Bang. I love both..^^

2. Blackjacks fanclub utk 2NE1. Girl group paling aku minat suka inspire gila-gila. dorang ni bukan typical like other girl group with cutesy, winking concept *seriously,,,aegyo is blehhhh...* Pastu dorang ni berani la dlm bab2 fashion ni even kdg aku tgk mcm pelik je..hahha..maaf, aku tak reti bab fashion ni ok? Nak dgr lagu dorang? Ni lagu aku paling suka...^^


Hahhaha..fandom lain selalu kutuk 2ne1 ni..dorang cakap tak boleh nyanyi la, harapkan autotune je banyak..bla..bla..bla...siyes, aku sbg BJ aku akui banyak lagu 2ne1 gne autotune tapi ada yang claim tu bkn autotune tapi synthesizer yg org gne nk smoothkn suara..well, klau nak nak dgr lagu autotune dorang, boleh la g cari kat youtube..type la.. 'Can't Nobody' ke, 'Go Away.'.. Well, actually 2ne1 ni boleh nyanyi la bhai..Aku paling suka suara Minzy sbb less shaky..kalu Bommie pulak, sedap jugak tapi suara dia jenis 'vibrato'..mmg obvious la klu still sedap ok? Dara, boleh nyanyi utk low tone je kot and kalau CL..dia ni rap mmg best, nyanyi pon orayte..their voices blend well...tak caya, dgr lagu kt bawah,,~

Lgu ni best. Kira salute ar ngn YG sebab utk 2nd Mini album dorang, dah minimal dah autotune segala bende bagai..suka-suka!!


Btw, i hate when haters/antis bashing them. 
Shut up la! my Block B & 2NE1 are perfect, you bitches!

under construction

padan muka pegi tukar template now blog nampak bangang ><

July 22, 2011

lupa?nama pun manusia!

ini entri serius. serius, tak tipu. ehhmm..manusia tu ape? dalam bhse arab (aku penah blaja tp x smpai la tahap bhse arab tinggi, just komunikasi, tu pon aku dah tak ingat mane) manusia tu 'al-insan' yang di-derived kan dari perkataan 'an-nasia' (lebih kurang camtu la bunyi dia) yang bermaksud 'lupa'. so, dah tau manusia tu ape? manusia tu PELUPA. aku manusia, dan aku mengaku aku sorang yang pelupa. lupa nak bersyukur. tau bila tak cukup, mintak tapi bila dah dapat, terus lupa nikmat Dia. aku rasa menyesal gila sebab lupa nak bersyukur dan aku rasa aku dah dapat balasan Dia. 
Dari dulu sejak sekolah rendah sampai la SPM, result aku bagus. kira boleh lah mak ayah aku bangga. bila lepas SPM, aku masuk asasi. kira perancangan aku, masuk asasi tuh kos sekian-sekian, settle down n terus masuk degree kos sekian-sekian, grad, kerja, tunggu kahwin je. tapi silapnya masa tu aku banyak main-main. darah muda katakan.nak enjoy je kejenya. bak kata omputih ' live your life to the fullest'. tapi aku takde la smpai tahap extreme,buat kerja tak senonoh. aku perasan mase aku belajar kat situ, aku lupa kat Dia. aku sembahyang, tapi banyak dekat akhir2 waktu. Pastu masuk semester 2 pon aku lalai,lupa,alpa segala sampai la result MUET keluar. sekali Dia bayar cash kat aku. gila macam gelap dah masa depan aku. menangis keluar air mata darah pun tak guna. call mak, mak cakap "biasalah..selama ni kau dah dapat semua nikmat. semua exam kau Dia nak kau rasa mcm mane pahitnya kalau mnde yang kita nak tu tak dapat". aku terkelu. and then masa tu baru aku sedar, yang aku lupa yang 'kita hanya merancang, tuhan yang menentukan'. plan la pape pun, kalau Dia cakap tak jadi, memang takkan jadi. 
Lepas tu, aku dapat tawaran belajar kos yang aku tak minat. aku tak apply pon kos tuh. mse tu aku mengalami depresi. 4 hari takde selera makan, tak bercakap ngn sape2. mesej, call masuk pun aku tak layan. rasa mse aku tak de maknenya nak hidup, kira macam lost. lagi satu malu. malu dengan rakan-rakan n malu dengan sedara-mara aku yang expect aku akan dapat kos yang lebih extreme dari kos yang aku dapat tuh. lepas tu, mak aku pujuk. dia cakap "Dia lebih tahu".. lagi sekali kau terkedu. and then baru aku sedar yang aku sebenarnya lupa yang setiap berlaku tu ade hikmahnya. so, aku terima je offer tuh, w/pun pada mula nya agak pahit untuk aku telan. *gila skema ayat aku sia* dan aku dapat rasa hikmah aku dengan apa yang aky belajar sekarang. even aku still lagi tak suka 100% dengan kos aku, at least aku try untuk belajar menerima..^ ^

p/s: jangan lupa yang Dia tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita, jangan lupa berterima kasih dekat Dia dan jangan lupa juga berterima kasih dekat ibu yang selalu ada ketika susah mahupun senang.

eh lupa pulak! sekarang ni aku suka lagu ni. lirik dia menginsafkan aku. layan..~~~

D’Masiv- Jangan Menyerah

tak ada manusia
yang terlahir sempurna
jangan kau sesali
segala yang telah terjadi

kita pasti pernah
dapatkan cobaan yang berat
seakan hidup ini
tak ada artinya lagi

syukuri apa yang ada
hidup adalah anugerah
tetap jalani hidup ini
melakukan yang terbaik

tak ada manusia
yang terlahir sempurna
jangan kau sesali
segala yang telah terjadi

Tuhan pasti kan menunjukkan
kebesaran dan kuasanya
bagi hambanya yang sabar
dan tak kenal putus asa

*aku pon tak lupa jugak layan lagu2
mcm ni w/pun aku ni kpopper*

July 14, 2011

i do enjoy photo spams...
*follow my tumblr at your own risk*

July 2, 2011

Mom's Theory

she won't let me work for part time job = i will not have money = i will just stay at home, not going anywhere.

She's brilliant,huh?-___-

July 1, 2011

A Bitter Day

A bitter day, it will all get erased like this
It will all be forgotten someday
I might smile when the time comes
But I guess I can’t help it right now
Even though the weather is great, my mood is not
I think you’re teasing me, and I get mad
I struggle because of these situations I can’t handle
The exact opposite of me, the world continues spinning as if nothing happened
You were living just fine
It’s not fair, this is unfair
People who look at me while passing by pity me
Nothing goes right
I missed the place where I was supposed to get off at this morning
Because I suddenly thought of you, I got off at a lonesome station
Because it seemed lonely today of all days, tears just kept falling
I walked for a long time like that
I miss you, who I’ve been only hating, yet again
Because the days when I was weak with no strength to hold onto you were so pathetic
A bitter day, it will all get erased like this
It will all be forgotten someday
I might smile when the time comes
But I guess I can’t help it right now
I can’t do anything
Even though I’m sad because I’m thinking of you again right now
Even though it will be difficult, I’ll keep trying to erase you
No matter what I say, it will sound like an excuse
Even if I say that all of this was for you
Because you were too good for me
Because I was uncomfortable as if I were wearing clothes that didn’t match me
You’re beautiful, but you withered away from me
How do you think I felt while looking at that?
We should have just never started
I shouldn’t have looked into your eyes that first time
I thought I would be carefree once I let you go, but that wasn’t the case
My mind understands that we’ve separated
But my heart doesn’t want to accept it
Missing you and trying to erase you, it repeats every day
I’ll be the one to take all the pain
I’d like it if you were just happy
So that the choice I make now doesn’t go to waste
So that I don’t regret it
I’ll always pray for you
A bitter day, it will all get erased like this
It will all be forgotten someday
I might smile when the time comes
But I guess I can’t help it right now
I can’t do anything
Even though I’m sad because I’m thinking of you again right now
Even though it will be difficult, I’ll keep trying to erase you
It’ll be forgotten little by little
When time passes, I’ll be able to smile and reminisce
Instead of that common saying that time heals everything
Tell me something that actually works
You can receive so much more love than what you got from me
You’re as beautiful as ever
You said we’d be together forever
In the end, we’re the same as others
A bitter day, it will all get erased like this
It will all be forgotten someday
That day will come

credits: uploader

June 30, 2011

The End

i 'll just let it hanging there. its just useless. meaningful. not. at all. i hate on how vulnerable i am right now. this is not really me. not. totally..*sigh~~~

June 25, 2011


Seems like i have nothing to do with you guys anymore. i know about this from the start and still, i feel kinda bitter and offended. but i'm slightly happy tho..~

p/s: zuzu, get over it!

June 16, 2011


You’re A Lucky Girl If A Guy…
…calls back when you hang up
…follows when you walk out
…listens when you complain
…hugs you when you punch him
…drives to your house when you cry
…gives up boys’ night for a special occasion
…says Sorry when he’s at fault—and when he’s not
…says I Love You and means it

Real Guys are a Limited Edition
*jangan harap boleh jumpe laki cmne..=p

June 15, 2011

Roses are red, Violets are blue.

Roses are red, violets are blue. 
Now you're with her & i'm happy for you. 
Violets are blue, roses are red. 
I'm just kidding, i want her dead.

p/s: i'm not that cruel tho.
His happiness is my happiness too<3

June 8, 2011

Aku, Yat dan Suju M

Ni mse aku pegi karnival hari belia kat Putrajaya ari tuh. ahh..takdenye aku nk sokong hari belia2 ni, aku pegi sebab Suju M. hahaha..jangan pandang slack kat aku ok?Tu government punya strategi nak attract belia pegi sane especially for chinese. well,you know...ramai chinese minat kpop,ok? tapi aku melayu dan suka kpop juga,ada paham?hahaha..actually, aku pegi sane tu pon sebab nak jumpe si Yat ni haa..lame gila kot da jumpe,so alang2 la kan?honestly, keinginan nak jumpa Yat tu lebih kuat darpd nk tgk Suju,ok? (betol ni Yat,aku tak tipu!!sayang kau Yat,sangat2..!! >_< ) heh!sebelom nk pegi of cos la mintak izin  mak ayah an tapi alahai mak aku..punyalah tak bagi aku pegi..dia takot aku kenal jual la,culik la,ape la..pastu aku cakap mak "mok eh, jangan pikir negatif,pikirlah positif..tak dop mende2 eh g dinung tu..huhuhu" and mak aku balas " mung dop branok lagi,mne mung tau.." hamek..kena tembak ngn mak aku..hahaha..tapi mak aku bagi juga akhirnya..Yes!kelaka la kalu ingat balek.. mak aku mintak nombor tepon Yat..aku bagi la ngn name sekali..pastu mak aku kate " hah?Yat?laki ke?"..hahahahha...punya lah risau dia kat aku smpai tgh siap2 nk pergi stesen bas tu sempat lagi dia cakap tak yah pegi..aku sengeh je..Yes mom.i know you love me and i love you too.<3 ingat senang ke nak pegi sane sorang-sorang?yes.i went to putrajaya by my own.alone! aku rase best sbb mcm main explore race..kekeke..mujur tak makan buah langsat an..tak sangka boleh smpai sane..bangge tak hengat wehh..hahaha..tapi sian kat Yat sebab aku sms dia byk sgt..tanya itu ini..hehhe..bertolak malam smpai pagi. dalam 7 lebih naik LRT and terus continue naik KLIA transit pegi putrajaya. pukul 9 da smpai sane,tunggu Yat and mak cik dia dtg amek..hehehe..tengah2 tunggu nampak la ELFs kat sane pakai baju biru sapphire tuh..waa..!suka tgk dorang jalan ramai-ramai..hehehe..

yeah...jom naik transit. aku igt lgi ayat dia "Please press the button to open the door"..mengigau mak cari button nyah..!jakun..!!kekeke
Hehehe..ikot plan nk pegi sane pukul 6 tapi masing2 tak bergerak. lagi satu mak cik Yat nak pergi beli barang,so ikot la dia pergi Alamanda jap. hahaha..wat sesi photoshoot ngn kat situ.heh!Yat puji gmbr sendiri lawa..kekeke..banyak mata yg memandang gelagat kanak-kanak ribena kami ahh..pedulikan..meh kita bergambar sakan sampai lebam kan Yat kan?? hahahhaha..

Taken by Yat.*bagus kau amek gmbr dari jauh,tak nampak sngt pipi bambam aku..=P
Apabila Yat beraksi ayu..hahahha..~
Kul 8 lebih bru smpai kat tapak konsert tuh..ramai bhai orang..memang tak dapat best spot la,kitorang decide duduk tepi stage sebab  ade dia punya mcm kain tu terbukak cket, so nmpak la jugak..ok ape drpd berhimpit2 duk dlm crowd tuh..gila panas...ko igt pegi konsert cmtu semua sopan2 ke?hoh!memang tak, jagalah keselamatan diri sendiri. sila bertindak ganas dan jangan biar anda di tindas..bengom punya advice an..ngeh3..nak ke tnggu suju M perform punyalah lama..berpeluh2 weh tunggu..haishh..kira macam 9-10pm sejam tuh bosan gila..-__-..lepas tuh bru dorang kuar.!!!wahhh.....!! fangirl mode ON ok?aku ngn Yat macam org gila..!!jerit saket tekak..hukhuk..saket kaki ngn lengan sebab gayut kat pagar besi tuh..hahaha..mne tak hyper kalu da nmpak dorg btol2 depan mate an..kekeke..since Suju M ni nyanyi lagu Mandarin, so byk jugak lgu aku tak tahu..but just enjoy the music ok??lagi satu they are part of Suju kan? I 13elieve to prom15e ok?hehheehe..dapat la snap gmbar dorg tapi blur la wehh..aku tak bawak camera.aku hanya bergantung kepd nset ku tuh..ahh..pathetic gila aku kn..-__-..da nak abes tu kan, Yat ajak pegi kt van dorang..hehehe..chanteklah plan kau Yat..hahahha..aku tak percaya aku wat semua ni sebab bese nya aku tgk fancam kt youtube aku cakap " gilalah fans!smpai kat van pon nak stalk..huhuhu.." crazy fan is crazy ,ok?hahaha..nmpak la dorang..time ni aku kne himpit.saket wehhh badan aku..hdbhasdbgydgydgy.!!! oh ya!btw, aku ade fancam Eunhyuk dalam van..tapi tak upload la.malu weh dengan jeritan sendiri..hahahahhaha,,,pastu Kyuhyun ajak aku naik van sekali ngn dia..aku tak nak sebab aku takot ELFs lain jeles..ok,aku tipu part know what?Sungmin wave his hands to us..ELFs went crazy after that,..hahaha..habis kegilaan itu, bru la aku,yat n cousin dia balek umah..kekekke..jalan kaki balek presint 9..gila..gila..gila..hahahahahha..saket kaki..kurus jap aku rase mlm tuh..hohohoho..

The crowd and the hype.
Sapphire Blue Sea..hahaha..tak la 'sea' sgt an..kekeke
Cuba teka. ini sape?ahahha..evil maknae Kyuhyun..*nmpak sipi je muke..-__-
damn jealous with these lucky fangirls..>_<
Ini bontot Eunhyuk...LOL~~
HAHAHHA..driver suju pon ade ke?? glamer dia masok blog aku..ececece..
Lawa kn? took this on our way home..^__^
Orang mesti cakap kita gila kan Yat? alah, takpe..kita gila sama-sama,tak lah sadis sgt kn?

Yat,saranghae..!!ELFs forever..<3
 *click image to enlarge*..ceyh..=p