April 23, 2011

makan2,ilang stress and zuzu,sila bersyukur!

syok pulaks dgr lagu G6 neh,,,sampai lupe mende pe nk tulis..hahaha..=p

ok,da igt balek..hehehe..ok,last night me and my beloved crazy lunatic housemates went out for dinner since there's nothing in the fridge..kekekke..ok,i lied..there's a lot but we were quite lazy to do cooking stuffs that night..plus, we were fucking tension about the final exam that just a blink away..huh?a blink away?ahh..lantak..so,we can release that disturbing stress at the same time,right?my friend, kak aina drove that little cute rented viva..hahahhaha...rented ok,rented.!
hahhaha...we spent about 20++ minutes looking for restaurant..hahaha..Aya said we must find restaurant that got a lot of people b'coz it will indicate that restaurant offer scrumptious meals..hahaha..i don't know that theory is true!so, we dropped by at Ammar Tomyam..i ordered Nasi Goreng Songkhla and Laici Susu!omg!they are damn fdtwcvfwectfc delicious!i ate a lot till i can't get up from the seat..*exaggerating.*,,hahhaha..
so, after that i told Kak Aina that i wanted go to the beach and all my housemates agreed..as usual, Kak Aida brought her camera and we posed a lot..hahahhaha...we do love taking pictures..!and we crazily SCREAMED loud to let go our stress and 'clean' our mind..huhuhu..at least, it lessen our stress and i felt slightly relief..^^
ok,da tg syok bergambar tu kan..tibe2 dtg la mamat 2 org neh..dorang pob bergambar jugak..hahha,,xleh blah..since we wanted to take a group picture, Kak Aina asked those 2 guys to take the pic for us..omg!one of the guy is jhcbuwgt67fdtvwgceydvxwex  CUTE!!!!he looks so damn fine..ahh..i couldn't stop my eyes looking at him..seriously..cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~..and he talked a lot with Kak Aina in kelantanese dialect..,maybe he's from kelantanese or maybe from Besut or Setiu..nevermind, as long as he's cute..*gedix*
hahahaha...so,mse dlm keta otw nk balek umah..pastu aku ckp kat dorang "weh,,cute ar budak tadi,..." and Kak Aina ckp "laaa...nape zuzu x ckp awal2???kalu tu kak aina dah tolong ejas td..hishh..tadi dyer offer kot nk kenal..." and i was like "Malulah....Kak Aina..hahahhahahha"..pastu Kak Aida tambah " zuzu,da melepas peluang..haishh..malu sgt..huhuhu"...and and we burst into laughter ..HAHAHHAHA...
ok,STOP THERE!..THET KEY WORD IS SHY or IN MALAY IS 'MALU'...seriously,i'm shy when it comes about guy the that i like,love,adore,admire and whatsoever.. i'm afraid to start it first..and my friends said the reason why i can't get my a boyfie b'coz i don't tell them (byk kot guy yg aku suke spnjang 19 thun aku idop) that i love them..that's the problem..haishh..i don't know how to solve it..
but in other hand, i should be grateful for being single...you guys know that i mean right?at least i don't have to drag my self with 'zina',touching2, don't need to take care other feelings and i can focus on my studies.. it shouldn't be a burden for me for not having a bf,right?but....i feel lonely..yes, i have a happy family, a good memahami bestfriends, and a bunch of friends that cares about me..but why i'm still feel lonely?haishh...Ya Allah...forgive me, i should be thankful for you...*cries*

yes, you guys can laugh at me and call me damn stupid pathetic...T____T

April 11, 2011

muhasabah #2

None can take from you what Allah SWT has gifted you. Talent is yours to protect, develop, use & ultimately, to share. Use it positively.

April 9, 2011


THIS.To have a driving license.

April 3, 2011

stupid 1st April

venue: depan bilik band
masa: 11++ pm

DM: band falling....~~~
sume pon cpat je an falling pastuh dgr je la DM punyer ayat motivasi uhh..

after 15+ minutes

Samba: jap eh band...saya ade berita kurang baik...
sume players: *muka tertanye2*
samba: saya dapat msej dari section leader percussion uitm shah alam..pgawai koko sane ckp drumbattle xde lpas ni sbb cuti sem 3 minggu je..
sume players: *muke terkejut + down + segala keluhan kedengaran*
aku: *speechless*
mursyid: mmg pegawai die ke?konfirm?
samba: dlm mesej ckp pegawai koko..
ayie: bleh x sy nk bace msej tuh?
samba: jap ehh....DM,ni bla bla..*berlalu masuk bilik band..
sume players: sok sek, sok sek...*bising tp xler bising sgt an..*
aku: still speechless tp otak berputar ligat..~~

pastu kuar ar Samba, Abg Jero ngn DM

Samba: so, mcm mne ni?kite nk wat cmne?nak mogok ke??
sume players: *terkelu*
abg Jero: ade sape2 cni rse mnyesal x join drumbattle???
sume players: sok sek,sok sek..~~
samba: kite start training dari bulan 1 lagi..so xkn la lepas sia2 je kn??
DM: aku pon xtau nk cakap ape..*sambil belek2 hnset*..tgk,hari ni pon da 1 April..so?
       APRIL FOOL la!!!
Samba + Abg Jero + DM + senior2 lain : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...~~~~~~~
sume players: cissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss..~~~~~

tapi sumpah!aku rase nk mnangis mse tuh..>_<