December 1, 2012


i really suck at giving motivational words to people around me. I still remember, it happened 2 days ago. A friend of mine kept on telling me that she didnt deserve to get someone for herself. she believed she is meant to be single forever. and how she was being down just because shes not pretty /i'm honestly think she's pretty tho/ and educated like 'someone'. I dont know but it kinda of annoying to see her low-esteem self like that.

Friend: I'm not pretty like her.. im not educated like her. nobody wants me.

Me: He's blind tbh. He didnt choose you and it was on his lose. /pats her back/

Friend: No..someone deserve someone better and im not that her.

Me: Stop saying 'he deserves better' and such. Just twist the words and say 'I deserve better', got it?

Friend: /cryiiingggg for real/

Me:  /panic/

And i made her cry, what have I done. Helpppppppppppp