August 26, 2011


Son: Mom, i got an A in Chem!!

Mom: WTF, well done!

Son: Mom, what do you think WTF means?

Mom: Well That's Fantastic!

August 23, 2011


1. Birth name = Zuzahidah Ariffin
2. Nickname = Zue, Zuzu, Zusha, Chah, Nisah (weird, huh?^^)
3. Zodiac sign = Virgo
4. Male or female = Female
5. Primary School = Sek. Keb. Rusila
6. High School = Lower - KIST , Upper - MJSC Kuantan
7. Eye color = Brown
8. Hair color = Black
9. Tall or short = Shorty...i wanna grow taller..!*sobs~ 
11. Sweats or Jeans = Sweats, more comfortable..~
12. Phone or Camera = Camera..DSLR..i want..><
13. Health freak = Sometimes
14. Orange or Apple = Apple
15. Do you have a crush on someone = No one  for now..~
16. Eat or Drink = Both
17. Piercings = Yes
18. Pepsi or Coke = Coke..ahh..i hate carbonated drinks actually..~

19. Been in an airplane = No
20. Been in a relationship = I'm NBSB baby..! OTL
21. Been in a car accident = Nope and i don't want it to happen..Amin.
22. Been in a fist fight = No
23. First piercing = Lobes
24. First best friend = Sarah, Tasha & Nor, during primary school ..gahh..i miss them..tsk..tsk..
25. First award = #1 in my class during kindergarten..lmao~
26. First crush = Shhh...~
27. First word = IDK
29. Last person you talked to in person = Mom
30. Last person you texted = Nisah
31. Last person you watched a movie with = Yat
32. Last food you ate = Rice
33. Last movie you watched = Something Borrowed 
34. Last song you listened to = 2NE1- Lonely
35. Last thing you bought = Topup
36. Last person you hugged = My niece

37. Food = Tom Yam
38. Drink = Laici Susu ( milky lychee..puahahhahaha)
39. Bottom = Does short pant counts?
40. Flower = Waterfall flowers (can be found in Japan...cute!)
41. Animal = Sugar Glider
42. Colors = Grey and Brown and (but i feel confident in purple..idk)
44. Subjects = Human Communication, Biology, Physics
45. Fallen in love with someone = Yes, err..i guess.
46. Celebrate Halloween = Nope

48. Went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone = Yes
49. Wanted to smack someone upside the head = I really want to do that
51. Eaten a whole pizza = Yes, (individual size one)..i'm a big eater neway..~
52. Tried to do something, but couldn't succeed = Yes. I tried to make GIF image but my efforts failed..fuuu~~~
53. Did something you regret = A BIG YES!
54. Broke a promise = Yes..who doesn't?
55. Hidden a secret = Yes
56. Pretended to be happy = Yes
57. Met someone who changed your life = Yes
58. Pretended to be sick = Hahahha...Yes!
59. Left the country? = Nope
60. Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it = 
61. Cried over the silliest thing = Yes.
62. Ran a mile = Yes and i hated it!
63. Went to the beach with your best friend = Yes! I miss that! T__T
64. Got into an argument with your friends = Yes..*sigh~
65. Hated someone = Yes. backstabber..go to hell!
66. Stayed single a whole year = like i said before, i'm NBSB ok?

67. Eating = I'm fasting..~~
68. Drinking = same as above..
69. Listening = 2NE1- Hate You
70. Thinking about = losing weight..?err,,i can't help it..-__-
71. Plans for today = Break fast, tarawih, and watching youtube
73. Want kids = Of course!^^
74. Want to get married? = Yes
75. Careers in mind = A VIP staff for event management company that manage Korean artist to come here..LOL~

76. Lips or eyes = Eyes
77. Shorter or taller = Taller than me meh..~
78. Romantic or spontaneous = Spontaneous...romantic?owh..rimas!
80. Nice stomach or nice arms = Choc abs, can ar? abs pomboley.. kekeke~
81. Hook-up or relationship = Just get married la senang!
82. Looks or personality? = Mix of both...~

83. Lost glasses/contacts = Yes. i lost my contacts..-__-
84. Sneak out of a house = Maybe...?
89. Cried when someone died = Yes

90. Yourself = I'm trying!
91. Miracles = Sometimes!
92. Love at first sight? = No
93. Heaven = Yes
94. Santa Claus = No

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now = Yes, but he doesn't know about my existence..pathetic, huh?
98. Do you know who your real friends are? = Yes and i'm lucky to have them!
99. Do you believe in God? = Yes. Allah, the one and only.
100. Would you change something in your life? = I wish I can. Wish me luck!

August 22, 2011


*click pic to enlarge* source: here

Sape-sape yang suka kpop thingy mesti familiar dengan term fandom. actually aku jumpa pic kt aku tuh mse tgh duk syok reblogging kat tumblr. aku tergelak bhai bace sebab ade betul jugak tuh apa yg tukang buat tuh describe pasal fandom2 kat atas tuh. nak kata aku tak butthurt, tipu ah..terasa jugak doe sikit-sikit..takpe, takyah ckp pasal fandom lain la. kang tak pasal fanwar kat blog aku. meh aku cakap ciket pasal fandom aku.

1. BBC
Ni fanclub utk Block B, rookie group yang aku tgh stan gila2 sekarang. aku rasa la dorang ni kira the best new group for 2011 atm. Seriously, genre dorang ni more to hip hop but still boleh pegi kpd kpop. mereka ni buat lagu sendiri, ok?terar tak terar..nak dgr lagu dorang..tgk video kat bwh..*seriously, this video needs some love...*


BBC ni stands for Block B Club, ok? bukan channel kat British sane..huhuhu..Dalam gambr tuh dia cakap BBC ni tahu nangis,komplen, nangis, komplen. nak tahu pasal apa? pasalnya orang duk kata Block B ni tiru Big Bang. ok, aku rasa comparison between Big Bang and Block B ni tak valid langsung. serious. apa yang original pasal kpop? *sorry, sape yg terasa mintak maaf, ni opinion aku ok? but i still love kpop tho...* haish..some fans should stfu. Block B is Block B and Big Bang is Big Bang. I love both..^^

2. Blackjacks fanclub utk 2NE1. Girl group paling aku minat suka inspire gila-gila. dorang ni bukan typical like other girl group with cutesy, winking concept *seriously,,,aegyo is blehhhh...* Pastu dorang ni berani la dlm bab2 fashion ni even kdg aku tgk mcm pelik je..hahha..maaf, aku tak reti bab fashion ni ok? Nak dgr lagu dorang? Ni lagu aku paling suka...^^


Hahhaha..fandom lain selalu kutuk 2ne1 ni..dorang cakap tak boleh nyanyi la, harapkan autotune je banyak..bla..bla..bla...siyes, aku sbg BJ aku akui banyak lagu 2ne1 gne autotune tapi ada yang claim tu bkn autotune tapi synthesizer yg org gne nk smoothkn suara..well, klau nak nak dgr lagu autotune dorang, boleh la g cari kat youtube..type la.. 'Can't Nobody' ke, 'Go Away.'.. Well, actually 2ne1 ni boleh nyanyi la bhai..Aku paling suka suara Minzy sbb less shaky..kalu Bommie pulak, sedap jugak tapi suara dia jenis 'vibrato'..mmg obvious la klu still sedap ok? Dara, boleh nyanyi utk low tone je kot and kalau CL..dia ni rap mmg best, nyanyi pon orayte..their voices blend well...tak caya, dgr lagu kt bawah,,~

Lgu ni best. Kira salute ar ngn YG sebab utk 2nd Mini album dorang, dah minimal dah autotune segala bende bagai..suka-suka!!


Btw, i hate when haters/antis bashing them. 
Shut up la! my Block B & 2NE1 are perfect, you bitches!

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