December 27, 2011

Mati dan Iman

"Tuhan dosaku menggunung tinggi
Tapi taubatku tidak ku tepati...."

aku pernah terdengar Anah pasang lagu ni. pada masa tu jugak tiba-tiba hati terdetik sesuatu. rasa sayu. rasa kerdil dan hina sangat.Ya Allah, matikanlah aku dalam iman.. Amin.

December 25, 2011

Just sharing

mase ni aku tgh tgk tv. tiba-tiba aku dgr bunyi suara mak riuh.

aku: bakpe mok?

mak: ce tgk ni...*sambil tayang tudung dia yang berlubang kne iron*

aku: doh mok gosok lame ngakk..hok panah sekali pulok tuh.

mak: haishh...sayang nggoh la..baru beli, pah berlubang doh...*pergi ambil tudung lain*

ayah: *memerhati mak aku*

aku: *memerhati mak ayah aku*

mak: *tengah iron tudung. tak perasan aku dengan ayah tgh perhati dia*

ayah:  doh-doh la tu gosok..kekgi berlubang pulok.

mak: mne boleh..bla..bla...blaa..

ayah: bla...bla...bla..

aku: *senyum sorang2 tgk dorang*

and it went with mom and dad kept on bickering each other (in a good way)..i find this cute. least for me..;)

p/s: tangan aku tmbah lagi 1 parut kes kne iron mse kat umah sewa hri tuh. mujur x berlubang...-__-"

December 24, 2011


They only know how to BARK but apparently they do not brave enough to BITE.

December 16, 2011

A two cents from a stranger

"All you need to do right now is love yourself. Just because that guy doesn't appreciate what you appreciate about yourself doesn't mean other people don't. There are other guys in thie world that are just as worthy as he is. You will heal if you let yourself. The feeling will fade away, so just try to distract yourself. Exercise helps relieve stress, and maybe take time to do a favorite hobby. Good luck in the future <3"

Thanks, stranger..^^

December 7, 2011

this is the end.

We were already chose our own way..
i don't mind at all..
but just i wanna tell you something..
please please please change your egoistic ignorant attitude..
and yeah..could you please just admit your mistake for once, will you?
no..i don't think you will. never.

Thanks for everything you did....~