October 25, 2010

Dia datang....!

what's up...finally,i'm going to sit for final exam..!NERVOUS,OK?i'm sooo lazy to do revision...haishh...i don't know what has gotten into me..hurmmm...i should try my best to get 3.5 and above or else,I'M SCREWED..!ceyh,dream on la you zuzu..you are damn lazy ok?what can you expect then?hurmm...but yeah..!FIGHTING..!!!NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE..^^

Ni jadual exam saye,hebat kan?siap ade gambar KISEOP lagi kt atas tuh..^^

hurmm....seems like i still got 24 hours to study before my first paper starts..ehehehe~~ 

i got strange multiple dreams last night,1st, i went to SNSD concert,before i met my mom,sister,niece,cousin at hair salon i met 2PM Wooyoung..cute..!!!hehehhe..,and then i met my besties MIRAH,PANA,SYIDA,A'A,AM & GAGA.. don't know why but in that dream we cried terribly T__T...ahh...MISS YOU ALL DAMN MUCH LAA..!

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