September 15, 2011


lol-ing hard at his typo 'alaways'..puahahha..XD

He's the first Korean artist who replied my tweet..T__T..*terharu*..Hanhae! Active underground rapper in South Korea and currently works under Brand NewStardom and will make his debut this October with 'Phantom'. He supposed to debut with Block B but he couldn't make it to the final line. But he's still close with Zico and Jaehyo. I mad respect this guy since he fucking can sing and rap and he can compose songs too! Dopehae is dope i tell ya!


Did I mention he's also known as the King of Derps? lmao~
yeah, dia tak hensem. so what?

credits pic : 32bar.tumblr
credits youtube videos: uploaders

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