July 16, 2012

Exam Over and Ramadhan Start!

Alhamdulillah. dah selesai tahun kedua. next sem dah last semester utk kelas. wahhhh tak sabar. lepas tu intership lepas tu grad lepas tu kahwin! hehehhehhehe..tapi rasa happy habis last paper tak rase nak happy sangat mcam sebelum2 ni. hmmmm sebabnya aku mmg K.O kot subjek PM ni..seriously, maths and everything related w/ calculation are definitely not my thing..even w/ simple calculation it can tick me off.. lol..anyways, i just do all my best and after this doa and tawakkal, ye dok?

Haa...Ramadhan month is getting near. and im freaking can't wait to start fasting again. im so grateful since He still give me a chance to fast this year. and i miss tarawih. going to surau w/ mom. its an awesome feeling to pray besides your mom. the best feeling ever, right? and hopefully this year ramadhan is better than previous one...^^

oh btw, im having trouble to reply texts since my phone's keypad is not working /cries/
So, Happy Ramadhan in advanceeeee..:D

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